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Kids Playing Soccer

Sports Talent Identification

Find your right sport

This is a great need worldwide, we will help you find your right & suitable sport according to your physical attributes, Skills & talent through our Certified assessment process

Sports Talent Identification: Services

Different Programs

To Find your Sports

Our Specialists offer a wide range of programs. Choose from a wide array of  options that helps kids to find their optimal sport on the short & long term

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Multi-Sport camp

this intense focused 5 day camps get the kids to train intensely in different kind of sports with a report provided by each sport coach that includes his abilities, development, skills & potentials in this sport. Also they get to have some physical assessments with a report that shows their physical abilities like power, strength, speed, quickness, agility, balance, reactions…etc and their relation with every sport

Multi-Sport Academy

This is an ongoing academy two days a week that the kids get to practice different 4 to 5 sports every month with a report as well provided by Coaches, it also focus on an ongoing development for them in each sport beside the assessments

Team Practice
Boy Throwing Basketball

One on one assessments

Our specialist take the kid in a private assessments on the field for different sports and off the field through some life coaching to understand his passion and potentials and a physical private assessments. All this is done beside an observations in his current sports training to understand and evaluate closely

Sports Conditioning & Nutrition Development

these are sports conditioning sessions focusing on developing the physical aspects needed in sports like speed, agility, quickness, power, cardiovascular, strength & balance to get them ready to be exposed to any sport

Group Workout
Sports Talent Identification: Services
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